BrandBay Overview

With BrandBay, you now have a place to keep all your brand assets secure, organized, and easily sharable online. Intelligently store your brands Images, Videos, Files, Colors, Fonts, Links, Notes, Code Snippets and more.

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Once you have created your perfect layout, share each asset or your entire brand-kit with your team, your clients or anyone. You can even embed your brand-kit on your or a clients website for a full brand library experience that you tailor for each brand you manage.

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BrandBay lets you have instant access to your brands and assets regardless of your workflow. Use your BrandBay account in your browser, download the desktop and mobile apps, and even use the browser extension so that you can have your brand assets available within a moment.

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In these short quick guides, you will learn how to leverage BrandBay so that you can gain efficiency, increase productivity, save time and money, collaborate with your team, and build out a high quality brand library that will bring joy to you and your clients. 

Happy Branding!

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