Chrome Extension

One of the most intuitive ways to streamline your workflow with BrandBay would be to use the BrandBay browser extension.

This allows for quick access while you and your team are working on your assets, websites, documents and more. Within a few clicks you can access any brand's logos, colors, fonts, links, files, images, videos etc. all while remaining inside of your current workflow.

Overview 3.png

So download the browser extension today and start leveraging BrandBay by getting instant access as you and your team manage even multiple brands.


To get started you will need to download the browser extension from our site or from the Google plugin store. We also recommend pinning it to your browser for instant access. Once that's done you're all set to begin using it in your workflow.


Simply click the extension and you can easily find any asset you need by selecting a brand, and keyword searching the asset. Now you can edit, copy or download your asset straight from the extension.

If you are interested in learning more please visit the BrandBay YouTube channel where we have different videos that cover more about the platform and how you can use it to save time and money by leveraging the instant access multi-brand management solution.

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