Password Protecting Your Assets and Brands

BrandBay's advanced privacy management allows you to set up password protection on you share outside of the BrandBay dashboard such as for asset share links, collection share links, as well as brand kit links.

If your brand library is in need of security if you publicly share your link, you can simply set up brand-level password protection by enabling the toggle in the brand sharing menu and entering a secure password.

Password 1.png

Here is what the password prompt would look like when you attempt to access a brand library, collection, or asset when password protection is enabled:

Password 2.png

You can set up password protection for individual assets too by accessing the privacy management tab inside of the asset's preview popup.

Password 3.png

If you have not already set up a default password in your brand's permissions area, then the password would be blank for you to enter an asset-specific password to access the public page.

You can also enable password protection for all of your assets at once by going to the "Public" permissions area and enabling "Password Protect All Assets".

Here you can enter a default password and apply it to all of your existing assets to overwrite any individual passwords you may have set already.

Password 4.png

Note: If you specify a specific password to an asset AFTER you have bulk-applied the default password to all assets, the specific password entered on an individual asset will be used.

With these simple, yet expansive options, you are able to apply advanced security measures to your assets and brand libraries especially if you are working with sensitive client resources.

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