Managing Your Assets

Managing your assets in BrandBay is simple and flexible. To upload images, videos, and files you can either click or drag multiple assets onto the "Add Asset(s)" area...

Assets 1.png

...or to add individual assets like colors, fonts, links, notes, snippets and more, you can click on the "+ New" button on the right of the title of the group you are looking to add an asset to.

Assets 2.png

Now select what type of asset you would like to add and fill out the details for later reference in the platform.

Add a title and also use a description and tags to make it easy for you to search for your asset later.

Click "Save" and the asset will appear inside of the group.

Assets 3.png

You can click and drag to reorder and restructure assets within your group.

Assets Plus.png

You can also reorder, rename, and delete your groups within a collection by clicking the collection settings icon via the manage groups menu.

Assets 4.png

To move, download or delete an asset, click the arrow on the quick access menu and select the desired action from the dropdown.

To perform these actions on multiple assets, select the assets, then select the action you would like to perform from the action panel to the right of the screen.

Assets 5.png

To edit any asset, simply click on the upper asset thumbnail or preview area and the asset canvas will appear.

Assets 6.png

Here you can update your asset's information, copy the share link, download, or delete the asset.

Assets 7.png

In the next article, we will go through how to add your team and clients to your brand.

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