Team/Client Management

Looking to give your team or clients access to the brand you are working on? You can add team members by simply clicking "Settings" in the bottom left side menu...

Teams 1.png

Then, navigate to the "Team" area and select "+ New Invite".

Teams 2.png

Teams 3.png

A popup will appear and from here you can enter their email address and even select/assign each member’s access level.

BrandBay gives you three options: viewer, editor, and admin. Once you've entered their email and you have selected their access level click "Invite".

Teams 4.png

To customize the capabilities of each access level, you can click on “Permissions” where you will be able to manage which of the core features the viewers, editors, and admins are able to access.

Teams 5.png

In the next article, we will go through how you can manage multiple brands within BrandBay.

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