Managing Your Brands

Managing your brands can be a tedious process, especially when you have a lot of brands or clients. However with BrandBay, your brands are easy to manage and instantly accessible. 

On the bottom left of the screen, click on "Switch Brand".

Brands 1.png

...and then select the brand you would like to access.

Brands 2.png

If you manage a large amount of brands, you can search for a brand here:

Brands 3.png

You can create a new brand by clicking on the "+ Brand" button on the top right of the brand selector.

Brands 4.png

Name your new brand and select an accent color that matches its look and feel, then click create. (Note: Do not use white for your accent color. Choose a color that compliments and stands out.)

Brands 5.png

To edit a brand, click on the triple dotted menu on the right of the brand you would like to manage.

Brands 6.png

Click on "Edit Brand" and this will bring up a popup for you to update your brand title and accent color.

Brands 7.png

With your brand set up in BrandBay, you can now begin the population of your custom brand-kit.

Now that you have your team and clients inside of BrandBay in their respective brands, you can begin to upload and share assets between everyone by using BrandBay's advanced sharing and hosting options.

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