Connecting Your Custom Domain

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Setting up your own domain inside of BrandBay should be the first step to you setting up your whitelabel environment for your team and clients. This can be done in a few simple steps:

1 Go to the "White Label" tab in the "Settings" area.

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2 Click on "Domain" and enter the domain you plan to use.

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Unless if CNAME flattening is supported by your DNS manager (such as Cloudflare), only sub-domains are supported.

3 BEFORE clicking "Connect" please ensure your domain is pointing to: "".

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You can do this by creating a CNAME record for the sub-domain you would like to use in your domain registrar dashboard or DNS management tool.

Cloudflare users: make certain to disable the proxy and use "DNS Only".

4 AFTER your DNS records are propagated, then click "Connect".

Depending on your domain registrar / DNS manager, propagation can take from only a couple minutes (such as with most modern registrars) to 24-48 hours. You can check the propagation of your records using services such as

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This process can take a moment to fully set up your domain and assign a SSL certificate.

5 Once successful, you can click the "Verify" button to run a test to determine if you can safely navigate to the new domain and see the app running inside.

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It also would be good to set up your new agency dashboard styling to set your favicon and login page design as well as email domain authentication for email invites to clients to be sent from your domain.

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