Setting Up Your Whitelabel Email Sending Domain

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If you have not already set up your custom domain for and have styled your whitelabel environment, please have your domain successfully connected, verified, and customized first.

1 Go to the "White Label" tab in the "Settings" area.

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2 Click on "Email" and ensure your domain is verified first.

If you do not have domain verified you will see a screen like this:

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3 Set up the three CNAME records displayed here in your DNS manager.

You can use the copy buttons to quickly copy the name and value fields to your clipboard.

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Cloudflare users: make certain to disable the proxy and use "DNS Only".

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Depending on your domain registrar / DNS manager, propagation can take from only a couple minutes (such as with most modern registrars) to 24-48 hours. You can check the propagation of your records using services such as

4 Once propagated, click the "Verify Email Sending Domain" button.

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This process can take a moment to fully set up and validate your sending domain.

5 After your sending domain is verified, enter the email address you would like the whitelabel environment to send emails from and click "Update".

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Your whitelabel environment is now successfully configured to use your own sending domain for application emails!

With your whitelabel environment fully set up, you can now begin to create your client's brands and start inviting them to view and collaborate on their assets.

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