Managing Collections & Groups

BrandBay's hierarchy is divided into three layers:

Brands, Collections, and Groups.

Your assets will reside in the the groups you have created in each collection you have for your brand.

To create a collection, hover over the left side bar and click the "+ Collection" button.

Managing 1.png

Name your new collection, select if you would like to include it in your sharable brand-kit and click "Create Collection"

Managing 2.png

Collections can be used in any way you would like but are most often used to separate your brand assets into logical categories like: Images, Videos, Colors etc. This allows you to tailor each brand to your or your client's liking.

Managing 3.png

Once you have successfully created your collection, you can begin creating your groups.

Groups provide a way for you to have even further divisions between assets inside your collections.

To create a group, click on the "+ Group' button on the canvas or click on the plus icon on the top right. 

Managing 4.png

Name your group, enter your description, and click "Create". 

Managing 5.png

You can select to show or hide your description by clicking the triple dotted menu on the right of each group and selecting "Hide/Show Description".

Managing 6.png

Once you have successfully created your group, you can now begin uploading creating and managing assets inside of them.

To delete a collection or group, click on the triple dotted menu on the right of the collection or group you would like to delete and then click the "Delete Collection" or "Delete Group" option. 

Managing 7.png

A confirmation box will appear for you to confirm the deletion. If confirmed, this will delete the collection or group and all the assets contained.

Managing 8.png

Keep in mind that if you would like to spare any of your assets, you can always move assets into other collections and groups before deleting.

Managing 9.png

In the next article, we will go through how to upload, download and manage your assets.

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